Buffet Dining

Arrive at a feast of appetizing concoctions and wafting aromas… experience the feeling of your taste buds about to be tantalized and satisfied. Both business meetings and personal socials can become a lavish and impressive affair that will help create a warm and connective atmosphere.

Please contact us directly to receive all our buffet menu options that will set your event apart from all the rest. We offer set buffet menus; ‘create your own’ menu, as well as budget friendly options.

Example menu 1

  • Beef fillet with red wine sauce
  • Parmesan infused mashed potato
  • Roasted baby vegetables with a thyme reduction
  • Caprese salad platter – bocconcini balls with vine roasted tomatoes & basil
  • Vanilla crème brulee

Example menu 2

  • Chicken breasts smothered in a creamy basil pesto sauce
  • Fluffy rice with fresh herbs
  • Roasted baby marrow, butternut & carrot, with a brown onion reduction
  • Crunchy cabbage salad with nuts
  • Pecan nut pie
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