Exclusive picnic baskets for a day in the sun… or for the rugby; cricket or a romantic afternoon! All About Food transforms picnic baskets into something gourmet. Each well stocked basket contains generous portions of delicious foods of your choice. Every bite a fresh taste sensation.

Please contact us to receive all picnic basket options that will help you to make your picnic special.

Example menu

Salad (Choice of 1)

  • Hazelnut & robiola salad (v)
  • Parmesan chicken salad
  • Caprese salad
  • Rocket, orange segment & caramelized nut salad (v)
  • Oriental chicken with couscous
  • Traditional Greek salad (v)

Dips with chips available in place of salad:

  • Humus dip/ artichoke dip/ peppadew dip/ asparagus dip

Sandwiches on ciabatta, baguette or health (Choice of 1)

  • French brie & herb grilled baby tomatoes (v)
  • Smoked salmon trout with creamy dill mayo
  • Smoked tuna, capers & whole grain mustard
  • Chicken breast, avocado, feta & sweet chilli
  • Moist Napolitano burger
  • Parma ham & provolone

Finger food (Choice of 2)

  • Asparagus quiche(v)
  • Stuffed peppadews with cream cheese (v)
  • Chicken drumsticks in a mustard crumb mix
  • Apricot & chutney chicken skewers
  • Sweet hickory beef skewers
  • Halloumi & smoked olive skewers (v)

Snacks & dessert (choice of 2)

  • Dry wors & biltong skewers
  • Assorted nuts
  • Nougat & Turkish Delight
  • Pecan nut pie
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Kiwi fruit & chocolate popsicles
  • Mini Portuguese tarts
  • Decadent chocolate & pecan brownies
  • Pecan shortbread
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