There is no better way to bring people together then by working in teams to reach the same outcome.

Envisage teams laughing, getting to know each other, attempting to cook new dishes and compete with the other teams. Smell the heavenly mixtures others are whipping up and see your guests salivate as their food is served to them!

All About Food has created many different themed and styled team building and party events. Let us know your goal or outcome and we can create that special unique event for you.

Our most popular team building offerings include:

  • CSI/CSR charity teambuilding
  • MasterChef style competition
  • Sushi making
  • Braai master challenge
  • Burger making cook-off
  • Chocolate & wine tasting
  • All About Food Sensory Experience

The All About Food Sensory Experience is a culinary adventure that goes beyond the realms of simply eating.

The Sensory Experience utilizes all your senses and then some: Taste, sight, smell, touch, sound, knowledge, experience and memory. We will guide you on a journey of at least 40 different experiences. The Sensory Experience can take between 3 – 4 hours

Many bite-sized dishes are presented, embodying texture, temperature, scent, taste, blind tasting, molecular gastronomy and visual presence.

This is a platform from which we can present the fusion of dishes & senses that will create memories, fun and experiences that will carry you far beyond taste. There are also dishes developed by Shaun Woolf, food technologist and chemist.

Please contact us to receive further information regarding each team building experience that will bring your team together & make your party that much more fun!

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