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Covid 19 Food Donations
R455.00 Price incl. VAT

Purchase the following food packages which will be distributed by...

500g Sticky pork ribs & baby potatoes
R119.00 Price incl. VAT

500g - Moreish, finger licking pork ribs served with baby...

11 in stock

Smoked whole spatchcock chicken with baby potatoes
R150.00 Price incl. VAT

Serves 4. Made in the All About Food smoker with...

KIDS MEAL: Frozen Cookie Dough
R80.00R160.00 Price incl. VAT

Frozen cookie dough - creates 24 medium cookies

Banting/Keto Meal Package
R480.00R599.00 Price incl. VAT

Banting cottage pie topped with butternut (GF) BBQ chicken skewers...

Healthy Meal Package
R450.00R570.00 Price incl. VAT

Chicken breast strips with wild brown rice & green beans...

Vegetarian Package
R398.00R496.00 Price incl. VAT

Creamy mac ‘n cheese Roasted vegetable lasagne Aurora pasta Creamy...

Kiddies Meal Package
R485.00R555.00 Price incl. VAT

Crumbed chicken schnitzel strips & rice (DF) Spaghetti bolognaise (DF)...

Butternut, porcini & herbed feta Soup (v)
R60.00 Price incl. VAT

Butternut, porcini & herbed feta Soup (v) 800ml

3 in stock

Rich & smooth cauliflower soup with baked cauliflower florets (v)
R89.00 Price incl. VAT

Rich & smooth cauliflower soup with baked cauliflower florets (v)...

4 in stock

Traditional Jewish chicken soup & kneidlach
R70.00 Price incl. VAT

Traditional Jewish Chicken Soup & Kneidlach 800ml

5 in stock

Kneidlach extra portion
R22.00 Price incl. VAT

Kneidlach extra portion - 2 per portion

11 in stock

Minestrone Soup with Barley (v) - Sold Out
R60.00 Price incl. VAT

Minestrone Soup with Barley (v) 800ml

Out of stock

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