A gourmet meal is a spectacular event. From three to six courses, every bite is a delight to the eye & a treat to the taste buds.

One can taste the freshness & the daring, yet delicious combinations. A true gourmet meal can turn a time of eating into a time of thanksgiving, as you celebrate life with every mouthful. Sharing such a meal is a very special thing to do.

Whether you wish to create a high-powered, impressive event, a wedding,  a romantic dinner for two or a close-knit celebration, we will ensure that your executive dining or private catering event is extraordinary.

Please contact us directly to receive all our plated menu options that will set your function apart from all the rest.

Welcome canapes
Springs rolls with camembert & caramelized onions, drizzled with sweet chilli sauce (v)
Ostrich Carpaccio with a caper dressing
Skewers of beef chipolatas, with fresh rosemary, drizzled with wasabi mayo
Vol-au-vents with Parma ham & melon

Calamari stuffed with ricotta, mushrooms & caramelized onions
Creamy feta & orange salad, with rocket, cucumber & cashew nuts, drizzled with a hazelnut dressing (v)

Pallet cleanser
Amaretto, strawberry & Nutella sorbet

Tender beef fillet, with a creamy pepper sauce, served on a bed of couscous, accompanied with sauteed baby marrow ribbons

Norwegian salmon drizzled with a fresh orange & whole grain mustard sauce, served with herbed feta infused polenta, topped with roasted red & yellow peppers, and a rocket & roasted cherry tomato salad with a hazelnut dressing

Napolitano fusilli pasta with Danish feta & fresh peas, topped with Parmesan shards

Pallet cleanser
Berry & lime sorbet

Duo of chocolate mousse
Milk tart macaroon
Cherry & halva mess