Floating canapes & cocktail dining

Experience the new age style of cocktail dining- guests being served bite sized dishes and mini meals that can be eaten whilst mingling. Imagine small Chinese boxes filled with Thai green curry, silver bowls filled with fragrant Indian curries & spoons holding mouthfuls of flavour. Every dish is consciously created for easy eating.

These delicious eatables compliment a cocktail party that epitomizes elegance & style, where mingling guests & high-powered conversation are punctuated with the laughter of people having a good time.

Please contact us directly to receive all our cocktail menu options that will set your cocktail event apart from all the rest.

Example menu


  • Phyllo baskets filled with gorgonzola, pear & lime (v)
  • Cheese & tomato spring rolls, with a sweet chilli dipping sauce (v)
  • Pretzel dusted calamari, served with a spicy tomato & mustard aioli
  • Beef chipolatas on rosemary skewers, drizzled with wasabi mayo


  • Moroccan chicken curry, served with couscous
  • Zucchini & caramelised onion Prego, served with French fries (v)
  • Creamy hickory fusilli pasta with sirloin strips
  • Hake goujons, served with sweet potato fries & tartar sauce


  • Fruit skewers with a raspberry tea reduction
  • Vanilla crème brulee
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