Now you have no excuse not to host your family & friends for a big Shabbat dinner.

We make it easy, convenient, delicious & can add any traditional dishes you would like to make your dinner extra special.

We are not Kosher, but can create your menu to be Kosher style, using Kosher meats.

Contact us directly for all our menu options.

• Avocado, fresh green asparagus & buffalo mozzarella, with a lemon soya dressing
• Chicken breasts smothered in basil pesto sauce
• Spanish rice with fried onion & carrot
• Chargrilled vegetables with smoked paprika & cracked black pepper
• Chocolate peppermint pudding shots
• Baked apples with cinnamon & sugar
• Smoked salmon salad with capers, rocket, grilled lemon & avocado
• Wild rice salad with rocket & roasted vegetables
• Beef fillet with a red wine sauce
• Crispy roast baby potatoes with rosemary
• Sautéed broccoli with fried onion & slivered almonds

• Berry linzertorte
• Chocolate & walnut brownies